Sustainable Home

This topic just gets me excited.

Is there such a thing as a totally sustainable, Eco home? I hope so and it is something as a family we are working (slowly) at achieving.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the earth’s natural resources and personal resources. 

For the past 18 months I have been exploring different ways in which we can create a safe haven for ourselves and families in our homes. I am still constantly learning and experimenting with new ideas, and am enjoying every moment of it.

In this workshop we will be discussing the benefits living in a toxin free home and also easy small steps that can be made, to make the journey into having a more Eco friendly home achievable. I say easy small steps, because it is a generational mindset that has to be broken and believe me it does take time.

The workshop will include:

  • Discussion and trialing of different home products.
  • Sample of Dishwasher Tabs and demo
  • Jar of toilet Fizz and demo (you get to choose your scent)
  • Mini Starter kit of, Sodium percarbonate, citric acid and Castile soap
  • Laundry Powder Sample.
  • Natural Cleaning Guide.
  • Tea/coffee/cake

Below is a lovely review from one of the workshops attendees:

I went to The Homely Havens eco course with uncertainty. Surely I could just pick up all her hints and tips from online and save the cost? It felt like a bit of a luxury! But then not everything is tangible…. Laura opened her home to us and created a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Lots of her tips are online but it was nice to see and experience new things she was trying, discuss things not on her grid and have an afternoon taking time out. Laura sent us all home with lots of lovely samples and gifts that enabled you to get experimenting at home instantly without having to spend to do it. It was a lovely retreat. Full of hospitality and women being supportive. It was great value for money and only wished I had brought more people along’

2020 DATES:

Gift Voucher Natural Cleaning Workshop

Give the gift of a workshop! You will receive a gift voucher that you can give as a gift and let the recipient choose what date they would like to attend. Or choose the date and let me know so I can book you into it at the time of purchasing the gift voucher.


Natural Cleaning Workshop, Saturday 25th April 2-4pm

An interactive workshop were we will chat all thing snatural cleaning. You will get a mini starter kit to take home and scent a few of your own natural cleaning products. Mini starter kit includes: 500ml Amber spray bottle Citric acid Sodium Percarbonate Castile Soap Sample Toilet Fizz Sample DIshwasher Tabs Sample of Washing detergent copy of my Cleaning Guide Tea/Coffee and treats included x


If you are booking one of the workshops and have any special  dietary requirements, please comment in the “add note” section and checkout.

If you have any other queries please get in touch over on Instagram or via email

Looking forward to meeting you,

Laura J x