I was introduced to Norwex about a year ago when my mum brought over the window cloths when we moved into the new house.

To be honest, they lay for a couple of months until my friend asked would I host a party for her.

From the party onwards I ditched most of my cleaning products (dettol, bathroom cleaner, cif, floor cleaner, descaler) and have been cleaning my home with the Baclock cloths, water and essential oils (my favourite oils are lemongrass, peppermint & eucalyptus).

A year on from my party I decided that I wanted to go further with my eco cleaning and have now ditched the bleach and the loo wipes, and am now a proper Norwex cloth addict! (I have a separate one for my toilets…don’t freak out!!

I’m also looking at new ways to do laundry and dishwashing, but you can read more over on my home management section of my blog.

Long story short, so many had got in touch asking all about my cloths, that I decided to join Norwex and sell the products myself (it happened so quickly i the space of a few hours!).

Below is my favourite/can’t live without products, and some of them can be bought together in little household packages to save some money.

Norwex Favourites:

  • Dusting Mitt
  • Window Cloth
  • Enviro Cloth
  • Envirowand
  • Dish Cloth
  • Envirosponge
  • Lint Mitt
  • Cleaning Paste
  • Laundry Powder

Packages: save 10%

  • Basic Package (Enviro Cloth & Window Cloth)
  • Household Package (Enviro cloth, Window cloth & Dust Mitt)
  • Household Package Plus (Enviro Cloth, window cloth, dust mitt & Enviro wand)
  • Safe Haven 5 Package (Enviro, Window, dust mitt, cleaning paste and laundry powder).

I’ve so much more I could talk about, but just wanted to introduce you to it, give you a list of my favourites and also let you have a link to my site where you can order!


If you need anymore info just drop me an email, or a DM on instagram!

Happy Cleaning!!

Laura J xoxo