Info & Delivery

So this natural cleaning stuff can be heavy, and its the main reason why i haven’t set up this website sooner.

I will try my best to keep parcel weights as light as possible, will still ensuring your delivery arrives intact!

All orders will be posted within 48hrs of receiving the order. (Apart from orders on a fridat after 12noon, they will be posted on the following monday).

Postage is 2nd Class Royal mail, so that normally takes 2 days.

You’ll notice that your weight could jump from £3.50-£7… why is that you wonder?

Basically anything that goes over 2kg needs to go into two parcels. (to send it in one larger parcel would cost over £15 with Royal Mail (i kid you not!).

I recommend if possible that you get the Sodium Bicarbonate (which is baking soda guys) and the soda crystals (washing soda) in your local supermarket or even Home bargains. This means that you can use your 2kg on products that you can’t get anywhere else. This is me just being honest…but of course i have the option there if you decide you want to get them from me!

If you ever want to keep postage low, you can email me first with what you are after and i can try and weigh a bespoke box of supplies for you!

I also am using paper and cardboard for all my dry ingredients, as I know that’s important to you folk too. If your parcel should arrive in a puff of white powder and something has burst, just let me know and i’ll get a fresh batch sent out!

As always I’m here for any questions you might have, just drop me a line at

Laura J x