Gate Keepers of our Home

There is so much information available now on how toxic and dangerous the products we are clean and use in our homes.

For years (myself included) we have been buying products that we assume are safe, because they are on sale in the shops,

We hope/trust that the big brands aren’t hiding anything from us.

But sadly this is not the case (just look at J&J last week recalling suncreams due to benzene listed in the ingredients, a carcinogen) – we apply suncream to avoid skin cancer, not get it.

We are paying money to buy products to make our homes safe, when in fact, we are only bringing products into our home environment, that make it more unsafe.

If you are like me, this is going to blow your mind. You’ll want to throw it all in the bin.

But these changes take time and cant all be done overnight!.

I encourage You to read, research and review the current cleaning products you use in your home and then decide what changes you would like to make.

Remember YOU are the Gatekeeper to your home, you and only you have the power to make changes!

As my gift to you, you can download a copy of my natural cleaning guide.

Download Here

If you download it and find it useful, please share for me on social media as the more homes that turn to more natural ways, the more healthier homes we will have.

Laura J x