About Me


You have either came from my instagram page or you have stumbled across my page via the old world wide web!

My Name is Laura Jayne and I am passionate about making changes to our homes that will make them and ultimately US more healthy.

I live in Co Armagh Northern Ireland and the photo at the bottom was taken in one of my happiest places in the world Woodview (paradise of apple orchards and eucalyptus fields.

I have been married to my teen love for 20 years and we are blessed with two sons, who are now living those teenage days!

Ditching toxins in our home started back in 2018 and i’m still learning and researching. Your home will never be toxin free, but you can give it a good go. When you start on this journey please have an open mind and don’t let negative nancys (sorry nancy) put you off.

YOU are the gatekeeper to YOUR home and no one else gets a say – remember that.

Our world, our bodies, our children, our next generation need us to step up, start asking questions on why conventional products cause so many health issues and illness.

It’s time for change.

For daily ramblings from me follow me instagram page THE HOMELYHAVEN

Love Laura J xo

I don’t spend all my time walking in the fields..
normally its being taxi to my two sons and picking up dirty socks!