Periods don’t need to be pants.

Honestly don’t wretch.

Like you reading this who still wears normal sanitary towels/tampons i would be exiting this blog sharpish and thinking GROSS.

I made the swap to organic disposable pads about 5 months ago and had already noticed the difference to my TOTM.

Apart from the waste and cost, our sanitary products have toxins in them ladies. These products are sitting right against our skin and the vulva area is highly permeable.

This is a good article to read HERE

Bet thats not something you’ve thought about before…nope me neither, and believe me its is something I WISH id learnt sooner.

I suffered 18 years of cystitis and medical problems with my lady bits, so i want to know i’m looking after my vagina the best I can! That’s a precious part of my body and it needs treated well!

I want sanitary products that are free of chlorine, dyes, and pesticides. That way I know I’m going to be free of itch, chaffing and sensitivity in my lady bits!

I have also seen a reduction in my cramps and my flow has dropped from 5 days to 3. Also mood-swings are getting better and I think it could be down to a mixture of the sanitary towels and me using essential oils to help alleviate PMS.

So whats your alternative?

  • Organic disposables
  • Cloth reusable
  • Menstrual Cup
  • Period pants

Personally (and i think this swap is as personal as it gets) i didn’t want a moon cup, though i hear great reports, and I haven’t tried the pants yet (but again I hear amazing reports).

Reusable sanitary towels are a complete game changer and I wished I’d swapped years ago. If you have daughters about to start their cycle, I’d highly recommend starting them with reusables.

A cloth pad can last up to five years, you’ll never run out again and have to “make do” with petrol station emergency pads. There is NO smell with the cloth pads as it’s actually the mix of blood and chemicals that cause that smell 😉

Q&A on reusable pads (these are a few questions that I had covered in my instagram live).

Staining and washing? So far none of my reusables have stains. I also choose to go with light coloured pads as then I could visually see that they were clean. As soon as I take mine off i leave it under a running tap, then rinsed, close it up with the poppers and then put in wash bag and into the machine. I wash mine just with my normal washing and then either put over the clothes horse or hang to dry.

Is it not weird for your boys seeing them? We don’t hide anything in our home, or make anything dirty or wrong. So if the boys were to ask what they were id just tell them they were sanitary towels.

Do they move about?  The poppers keep them in place. The other good thing is no sticky pad to catch in your hair!

Leakage? I haven’t had any leak throughs with mine.

How many do you need?  This would depend on your flow and length of cycle. I change mine maybe twice a day. If i wake and need to change before i shower, i will use a organic disposable and then use a reusable after i have showered. The brand I use (Lilah pads) have night, heavy, medium and panty liners to choose from.

I’d love to try them but i’m too scared! Honestly I hear you. I started off with the organic disposables and then just needed to try them. I faint at the sight of blood in water, so this was a MASSIVE thing for me to try, but honestly, it’s no bother. After all your own body is producing the fluid, its part of womanhood.

Heavy flow, what do you do?  You just treat them like a normal pad, and if you need to change it more often thats ok. They are absorb really well though, and you do forget you have them on. No more chaffing or waddling about!

What to do if you cant get them soaking straight away? I would say you could go a few hours without soaking them. Just run them under the tap as soon as you get home. I know people have old tubs that the soak them in, but i prefer to rinse them as soon as I can. If you are heading out in the morning and you wont have the chance to soak, maybe wear a organic disposable heading out and then when you are changing put your reusable on, that way you’ll be home to be able to soak it! You can get wet/dirty bags to put them in, so you could fold and popper them up and pop in the bag till you get home. There is very little smell from them, if any!

Teenagers and school?  This was a great question. Again incase of any embarrassing situations, organic disposable bale pads for school wear, then reusable ones at home.


So that that! Hopefully this will help you make some changes. Honestly its one of the best swaps/changes Ive made, and really just wish I had done it much sooner.

Any questions, just get in touch.

Laura J xx




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