Concious Cleaning

If you follow me on my Instagram account, you’ll know that over the past three weeks i’ve made changes to our cleaning routine.

I’d be a complete liar if “Mrs Hinch” hasn’t had something to do with it, gosh she is sweeping the country, which is GREAT, as i’m all for a clean home. I really have to thank this latest cleaning phenomena for, is making be actually RETHINK my cleaning ways and not fall for all the latest cleaning products, which are not only costly but dangerous to our health and environment.

To my shame, it should have been something I done years ago, but I was brain washed to being a product junkie…give me ALLLLLL the products please!

For the past year though, i have been trying to make a difference.

I was introduced to the Norwex brand and loved everything that I heard. I hosted a party and actually got given all the cleaning items for just being the host (I picked a good month!) I have been religiously using the Norwex cloths (with the aid of water) and they have eliminated the need for bathroom/shower cleaner, floor cleaner, anti bacterial kitchen sprays and polish, so to be honest, I was feeling like I was doing a good job, (find the range I use here)

I still used my loo wipes, bleach, washing liquid, dishwasher tablets, oven cleaner and laundry products and these are the products I decided to change up.

My main reasons for not wanting to change was:

  1. I Genuinely hadn’t thought about it.
  2. I liked the smell of bleach/wipes on my loos and I liked my clothes/bed smelling fresh.

Thats it.

Lets take a minute. What does smelling FRESH mean? Who created this scent?

Is fresh not the air?

and the last time I checked…air doesn’t smell….am i wrong?

We’ve been brain washed by our noses folks. We  do not need “over” scented products. We NEED products that will CLEAN and eliminate bacteria.

Lets talk Loos.

I ditched the wipes, and I now clean my loos with a environ cloth, water  and because I have boys, I add some essential oils for the scent (my favs are lemongrass, eucalyptus and peppermint). I also ditched the bleach (I know) and am now using Tesco Eco eucalyptus toilet cleaner. I also throw into the mix our new steamer and honestly folks….if you have a steamer, get using it on your loos….life changing!!

I’m saving £2 per week on cleaning products for the loo alone (an environ cloth costs £12.99…so you start saving money after 6.5 weeks). We also are reducing the plastic in the house without the bleach bottles and the wipes.

Let me tell you one clean freak to another…my bathrooms are CLEAN, and they’ve never smelt better. The smell of wipes and bleach would make me nauseous now (and that’s only after 2 weeks).

I’ve also fallen in love with baking soda and vinegar. Like who even am I???

I run around with a wee pot and toothbrush with a paste made up and scrub it on everything!! Scum marks on your taps….this will sort it no bother! I’ve also been told today it works wonders on your oven doors. I rub my sinks with it, and Its completely changed my laundry…but i’ll tell you about that in the next blog post!

I bought the Tesco Eco washing up liquid, but haven’t started using it yet as I have others to finish first, but on inspection of the labels, I really saw no difference in the ingredients, so i’m skeptical!

The same with dishwasher tablets. I have bought the Eclover ones, but haven’t started them yet as I was finishing off my fairy ones…watch this space!

What I have done with my dishwasher though, is run a high wash with a bowl of white vinegar in the top rack…and it left it sparkling and smelling clean! So that’s the dishwasher cleaner ditched, another win for money and the environment.

And YES you should clean your dishwasher folks!

I still haven’t chatted about laundry yet as I feel its too big of a subject to add on here, so watch out for a dedicated laundry post next, you’ll want to read that one too!!

So there you have it, a few of the changes we are making at home, to have a SAFE and CLEAN home.

What changes will you make to help not only your health, the environment but your purse!!

As always, drop me a message via email or over on instagram, I want to hear from you!

Happy Cleaning,

Laura J xx


2 thoughts on “Concious Cleaning”

  1. Great read. I agree we get sucked into thinking we need all these products and EVERY house has a stock pile! Going to look into the items you’ve recommended. Do you have more than 1 environ cloth? I’ve got a few toilets so thinking if I was cleaning my bathrooms would I need a cloth for each one?? What do you do? Thanks, B

    1. hey i’ve only the one cloth for the toilets , a cloth for the bathroom sinks and one for the kitchen worktops! but at least get a set to see if you love them!! i’d be lost without them xx

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